The Montreuillois & the Côte d'Opale

Our hotel is situated in the heart of the Montreuillois,
a charming country full of character,
in between land and seaside.

Our hotel is at ten minutes from the port of Etaples
and the fortified city of Montreuil-sur-Mer,
at 20 minutes from de great city of the Touquet-Paris-Plage
and of the seaside towns of Berck, Stella and Merlimont.

This country will enjoy you in all manners : gastronomy, wildlife,
hiking, relaxation, sports, culture, art, shopping,...
for an original and unforgettable stay !

Montreuil sur mer, les remparts
Le port d'Etaples
Habits traditionnels d'Etaples
Le front de mer du Touquet
Plage de la Côte d'Opale
Estuaire de la Canche
Vallée de la Canche
Rivière Canche
Attraction de Bagatelle
Aqualud au Touquet
Golf du Touquet
Fromages de la ferme des Fonds
Fête du Hareng à Etaples